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Time Period
November 2009


Services provided:

The Challange

SMTP.com was faced with a unique problem in that it had to not only have their website re-designed but also have it specially optimized for search engines in what is called “SEO content optimization”.


Success Impact is a top-of-the-line design and SEO firm. They have done an absolutely tremendous job for SMTP.com, including an outstanding website design and the implementation of our extremely rigorous and inflexible SEO coding specifications, which would easily have given nightmares to most SEO companies. Now we have a site that both looks great and is made in accordance with down-to-the-minute Search Engine Optimization standards. Success Impact did it all with a smile and satisfied every single one of our difficult requests, and on very short notice too!
Philip Nikolayev, VP Marketing, SMTP.com

Our Solution

Success Impact worked very hard alongside their VP of Marketing and come up with a website that met all clients’ needs, and by utilizing our SEO expertise we were able to meet all 50+ requirements completed on time.


A well organized and structured website, optimized for speed and search engine friendly.

  • Well organized and structured.
  • Optimized for speed.
  • Search engine friendly code.
  • SEO content optimization.

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